Company Profile

  • The manufacturing of custom-made window covering is more than just making a blind.

    It’s bringing Fashion, Technic & Logistics together in a product made according to the specific need & wishes of your end-user.

    Holis Ind. Ltd is specialized in doing so. With its 30 years of experience, 50.000 square meter production facility, 700+ employers, more than 90 different product lines and over 1000 colours to choose from we are confident we can provide you the program to be successful in your market field.

    Whether it’s domestic or commercial, Interior decoration, exterior blinds or integral blinds, Holis can provide you with the right product, collection, and service.

    Ordering blinds with Holis is also hassle free. Our IT department is able to make a connection with your ordering program through XML or EDI. This way the whole process of ordering, delivery and invoicing can be done fully automatically.

    Logistics is our third pillar. Holis has a fine-grained network allowing us to deliver blinds throughout the world in matter of days. Both in Bulk to your warehouse or individually packed and labeled to the address of your end-user. It’s all possible.