Fabric Blinds

Orgon’s selection of fabrics in stock includes 200,000 meters. The fabrics are smooth, soft and elegant, natural cotton and linen, printed, woven with different and diversified patterns. The fabrics are made by the best manufacturers in the world.

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In addition to its house collection, Orgon is the exclusive representative in Israel of world leading blind brands like: NYA, WIND, DRAPILUX, HECO, YUTES GONZALES and AZNAR. These collections are characterized by a wide variety at innovative styling & design level. The fabrics are made from the best materials using technologies that provide them with longer than usual lifetime.

Production Means – Precision

Where fabric blinds are concerned, precision is the name of the game. Orgon has the world most advanced production line, allowing it to manufacture fabric blinds of the highest level with the most complicated and accurate stitching and folds. The instrumentation Orgon uses makes it possible to manufacture blinds of large and unusual sizes. We perform cutting, stitching and suitability check for widths of up to 10 running meter and heights of up to 8 running meter.

Stitching Types

A large variety of stitching types – as acceptable in this line of business – is offered by Orgon, with its great technological advantage.
Triple pleated, banana, contra fold, cylinder, glider, eyelet heading, pencil pleat, smocked pleat, and many more.