Roller Blind

Roller blinds have made a comeback to the center of arena in recent years. The minimalist look of the roller blinds perfectly integrates with each type of room.
The screen rollers and blackout rollers provide an excellent solution both technically and stylishly.

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Minimalist Design

The Roller blind has a minimalist look that integrates beautifully with modern and hi-tech designs. The roller blind is actually an efficient shading curtain which does not dominate room decoration. Due to the blind’s functionality on the one hand and its lack of dominance of the other, it is many times preferable to architects and interior decorators for shading.

Upper Profile

Although the roller blind looks like the simplest technical product, it requires maximum precision in fabric cutting and blind installation.
All of Orgon’s roller blinds have a back profile to the entire length of the blind, which enables a leveled and accurate installation of the blind.

Laser Cut – Ultrasonic

Fabric quality and method of cutting the fabrics in roller blinds are essential for their long-term functionality and look. Each fabric type has precise cutting instructions.
In Orgon we cut all the fabrics on extremely large cutting tables, by ultrasonic automated or laser cutting. These technologies are highly accurate, considered state-of-the-art and prevent fabric edge unstitching.