Roman Shade

The Roman Shade in classic stitching is considered one of the most popular shades, both for its clean look and the extremely wide selection of fabrics.
The shades are stitched in state-of-the-art production halls, where the level of stitching precision is constantly elevated.

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Orgon’s designers will offer assistance in matching the correct fabric for the Roman Shade. Orgon presents a huge collection comprised of thousands of fabrics at a wide variety of styles by the best world manufacturers.

Production Means – Precision

Where Roman Shades are concerned, precision is the name of the game. Orgon has the most advanced production line in this business, allowing us to produce Roman Shades at the highest level, with the most complex and accurate stitches and folds.

Stitching Types

Orgon’s technological advantage is also expressed in a variety of stitching types to go with the Roman Shade. Whether front or back stitching – Orgon’s selection of stitching types will easily comply with your dream.