The modern and fashionable Silhouette blind enables a high level of room-shading control and desirable level of privacy. The Silhouette is a fabric blind that operates like a shade. It is offered in a variety of pastel and light hues to match every taste and design style.

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A blind which is a Shade

The Silhouette blind belongs to the Orgon light Control series. These blinds constitute a revolutionary combination between an elegantly looking fabric blind and the ability to accurately and delicately adjust the level of room shading and dissemble, just like a shade.

Hunter Douglas

In Israel, Orgon manufactures the Silhouette blind from a Hunter Douglas raw material. Hunter Douglas is a large world leading corporation for shading products.
The Silhouette is protected by a registered patent.

How does it work?

The Silhouette blind is comprised of two transparent layers of screen fabric connected by S-shape fabric. The shade is rolled upwards as a roller blind into a cassette. When rolling the blind down, it opens like a see-through shade.