Sun See

The Sun See blind is an innovative shading product, combining the look of a Roman blind with the advanced and functional rolling mechanisms of the Sun Strip blind. The Sun See blind is a unique development of Orgon, its exclusive marketer in Israel and worldwide.

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Roman Blind + Shade

The Roman blind is one of the most popular shading products. The pleasant look of foldable fabric maintains its popularity along the years.
In the business of blinds it is trendy and aspired to provide the products with dissemble versatility. As a result, the Sun See was developed. It not only maintains the look of a Roman blind but also operates like a shade.

Light Control

The Sun See blinds are part of Orgon’s Light Control series, in which the Silhouette, Sun Strip and Roman blinds are included. The advanced shading products of this series combine the blinds’ light control advantages with the stylish look of fabric blinds offering a perfect balance between style and usability.


The Sun See blinds enable full control of the dissemble degree – as much as desired. When the blind is closed, you get full dissemble and perfect privacy, exactly like a roller blind. The blind is fully rolled into a stylish and compact rail.

Sun Strip

The Sun Strip is the leading product in the Light Control family of products. Sun Strip’s variety and collection are extremely wide. The difference between the Sun See and the Sun Strip is apparent in the rich look Sun See has while folding the fabric. Change of shading positions in the Sun See can be operated at each point.