Venetian Blind

The Venetian blind is widely used in offices and kitchens. This blind allows changeable shading and dissembling modes.
Orgon offers a number of unique mechanisms for operating the blind, such as: the slide, the magic wand, etc.

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Nearly 3 years of work of Orgon’s R&D Department have produced the only cordless mechanism in the world. Orgon’s Slider is supplied with no exposed cords thus preventing entanglements, prolongs product life and makes its maintenance easy. Moreover, it just looks good. Do not order a Venetian blind without the Slider.


The 35mm Venetian provides presence and retro style, however unlike its wide-slat “siblings” it can be installed on narrow apertures as well.
The 35mm Venetian is a great solution for whoever seeks the wide look also on narrow windows.

Partially Perforated Slats

In the world of blinds, one of the trends is a screen-like, perforated product. The perforated blind allows light to penetrate through the perforated slats. Yet, if you are interested in hiding the interior of the room from the outside, Orgon has developed the partly perforated blind – for full dissemble of the room alongside perfect control of the incoming light.

Child Safety

The Slider mechanism and the electric mechanisms with no exposed operation cords provide the Venetian blind with an advantage of avoiding strangulation and protecting your child.