Vertical Blind

The vertical blind is one of the “old timers” of this industry.
It is suitable for wide apertures and creates a variety of shading and dissembling modes.

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Large Aperture

A vertical blind is sometimes an excellent solution for apertures whose width exceeds their height. The Vertical comes with a choice of fabrics providing a soft and pleasant look to your room. Orgon’s decorators offer a variety of colors and textures to go with every style.

Child Safe

Orgon offers cordless rails, which are operated with a wand. Like all other rails we offer, the safe, cordless rails are decorative and elegant.

Fireproof Fabrics

Israeli Standard IS 5093 for fireproof drapes is equivalent to American Standard NFPA 701. Orgon has a wide variety of fabrics complying with the requirements of this Standard. Furthermore, most of the fireproof fabrics we make comply with even stricter standards, such as M1 where the amount of toxins emitted while the fabric is burning and the amount of standardized smoke emission are measured.
Ask Orgon’s representative about the fire-rating of each fabric.